Ada of Course! wedding cakes can be summed up with two words used by a happy mother of the bride:  “delicious” and “spectacular.”

Ada of Course! specializes in wedding cakes decorated with fresh flowers.  We don’t do fussy icing decorations; we prefer to let the beauty of your chosen wedding flowers speak for themselves.   We like the wide variety of looks fresh flowers can achieve:  from classic to modern.  We think you will agree that nature makes the most beautiful cake decorations of all!

When guests arrive at a wedding reception, the first thing they often do is admire the artistry of the cake.  Therefore it is imperitave that the cake look stunning for your guests as well as the many pictures that will be taken of the cake cutting ceremony.  Along with making the perfect visual statement, our cakes are delicious to eat.  Ada of Course! takes great pride in how delicious and moist our cakes are, truly creating the perfect ending to your wedding day.

We’re confident our competitive prices will fit within your wedding budget.  Please contact us; we’ll gladly discuss pricing for the cake style and flavor of your choice!



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