Pick-Up Treats and Single Serving Desserts



(per dozen–two dozen order minimum)

chocolate chip with oats and toffee:  the best chocolate chip version around!  made with almond toffee. ($5)
cutout sugar cookies:  your choice of shape and colored glaze. ($6)
daisy sugar cookies:  dainty flower shape.  your choice of icing color.  these are small, order lots! ($3)
snickerdoodles:  sprinkled with cinnamon. ($5)
perfect shortbread:  simple.  perfect. ($4)
Tahitian vanilla cookies:  the vanilla makes them amazing. ($5)
brown sugar cookies:  Gramma Teddy’s recipe.  rolled in colored sugar. ($5)
peanut butter cookies:  studded with peanut pieces. ($5)
Gramma Teddy’s molasses cookies:  the reason Ada of Course! is in business! (seasonal) ($5.50)
pumpkin bites:  like little muffin tops.  brown sugar icing. (seasonal) ($6)


(per dozen–two dozen order minimum)

rich chocolate brownies:  if we only got one more dessert before dying… ($6)
cheesecake bars: Ada’s original vanilla or lemon. ($7.50)
delicate lemon bars:  shortbread crust. ($7.50)
key lime bars:  graham crumb crust. ($7.50)
everything bars:  chocolate chips.  almond toffee.  marshmallows.  home made caramel swirl. ($7.50)
chocolate peanut butter heaven bars:  Oreo crumb crust.  chocolate ganache glaze. ($8)
pecan toffee bars:  shortbread crust.  chewy filling.  chocolate ganache glaze. ($8)
berry streusel bars:  shortbread crust.  berry filling.  oat almond topping. ($7)


(per dozen–two dozen order minimum)

crème brûlée bites:  rich vanilla custard center.  puff pastry crust. ($11)
chocolate souffle bites: more sophisticated than a brownie.  chocolate ganache glaze. ($8)
dark chocolate truffles ($9)
raspberry truffles ($10)
bourbon balls:  a Kentucky tradition.  bourbon pecan center.  chocolate dip. ($12)
buckeyes: a Midwestern tradition.  peanut butter center.  chocolate dip. ($10)
chocolate dipped strawberries ($8 in season)
mini cheesecakes: choose Ada’s original vanilla or lemon. ($9)
mini pecan tarts ($15)
mini fruit tarts: lemon curd filling. (seasonal) ($14)


See cakes, pies, and other whole desserts for our selection.



“Wow” Dinner Party Desserts

(single serving portions–$4 each.  half-dozen order minimum) (Don’t forget the extras!)

crème brûlée tarts:  rich vanilla custard.  puff pastry crust.
hidden truffle cakes:  chocolate souffle cake.  soft center.
lemon curd fruit tarts: seasonal fruit.
key lime tarts:  graham crumb crust.
pecan tarts
chess tarts: a Southern tradition.  choose vanilla, lemon, or buttermilk.
dark chocolate mousse cups
tiramisu cups:  espresso-soaked cake.  mascarpone filling.  cocoa dusting.
trifle cups:  seasonal fruit.  crème brûlée custard.  moist cake.

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