Cakes, Pies, and Other Whole Desserts


Layer Cakes

(serves 12-18.) (can be made as cupcakes.) (Don’t forget the extras!)

satin cake:  vanilla cake.  cream cheese icing.  pick your filling: mixed berry or lemon. ($32)
dream cake:  chocolate or vanilla cake.  chocolate ganache icing. ($32)
caramel cake:  vanilla cake.  caramel icing. ($32)
red velvet cake:  traditional buttermilk cocoa cake.  cream cheese icing. ($30)
chocolate raspberry cake:  chocolate cake.  raspberry filling.  cream cheese icing. ($32)
granny smith apple cake:  moist apple cake.  cream cheese icing. ($31)
citrus poppy seed cake:  triple citrus cake.  lemon curd filling.  cream cheese icing. ($33)
orange dreamcicle cake:  fresh squeezed orange cake.  orange cream cheese icing. ($32)
orange almond cake:  toasted almond cake.  candied orange filling. ($32)
very berry cake:  mixed berry cake.  strawberry cream cheese icing. ($32)
carrot cake supreme:  buttermilk carrot cake.  cream cheese icing.  toasted pecans. ($33)
Italian cream cake:  toasted pecan coconut cake.  cream cheese icing. ($34)
German chocolate cake:  chocolate cake.  coconut pecan filling.  chocolate ganache glaze. ($35)
pumpkin spice cake:  moist pumpkin cake.  cream cheese icing. ($30)
black forest cake:  chocolate cake.  cherry filling.  whipped cream “icing.” ($30)
tiramisu cake:  espresso-soaked cake.  mascarpone filling.  whipped cream “icing.” ($34)
winter spice cake:  oatmeal spice cake.  cream cheese icing.  toasted pecans. ($30)


(serves 12-24) (Don’t forget the extras!)

Ada’s original:  vanilla. ($24)
lemon: tangy lemon filling.  sour cream glaze. ($26)
chocolate: Oreo crust.  chocolate ganache glaze. ($27)
Southern pecan: Louisana pralines.  sour cream glaze. ($28)
key lime:  limalicious filling.  sour cream glaze. ($26)
turtle:  Oreo crust.  toasted pecans, chocolate, caramel. ($32)
berry swirl:  fruit filling throughout. ($28)
berry topped:  pick your fruit! (seasonal) ($28)
pumpkin:  better than pie! ($25)
cranberry:  cranberry swirl.  sour cream glaze. ($29)
Kentucky Derby:  chocolate.  walnut.  comes with bourbon vanilla sauce. ($35)
mint julep:  mint.  hint of bourbon.  comes with bourbon vanilla sauce. ($32)
margarita:  pretzel crust.  hint of tequila and Triple Sec. ($26)

Other Cakes

(serves 12-18) (Don’t forget the extras!)

chocolate soufflé cake:  serve it warm–it will melt in your mouth. ($26)
citrus roulade:  lemon cake rolled around orange whipped cream filling. ($20)
mocha roulade:  chocolate cake rolled around espresso whipped cream filling. ($25)
pineapple upside down cake:  like Grandma’s only better! ($22)
pound cake:  choice of glazes: vanilla, lemon, or berry. ($18)
angel food cake:  choice of glazes: vanilla, lemon, or berry. ($15)

Pies and Tarts

(serves 6-10) (Don’t forget the extras!)

crème brûlée pie:  choose rich vanilla or chocolate custard.  puff pastry crust. ($18)
dark chocolate mousse pie:  melt in your mouth rich. ($18)
key lime pie ($16)
pecan pie ($20)
chocolate pecan pie ($22)
perfect pumpkin pie:  really! ($16)
double crust apple pie:  granny smith and gala. ($25)
chess pie:  a Southern tradition.  choose vanilla, lemon, or buttermilk. ($16)
double crust cherry pie: (seasonal) ($25)
lemon curd fruit tart: seasonal price.

Bread Puddings

(serves 10-16)

Ada’s vanilla bread pudding:  comes with bourbon vanilla sauce. ($30)
banana’s Foster bread pudding:  comes with rum sauce. ($30)
Derby bread pudding:  chocolate.  walnut.  comes with bourbon vanilla sauce. ($35)
fall apple spice bread pudding:  comes with caramel sauce. ($32)
pumpkin bread pudding:  comes with caramel sauce. ($30)
cranberry bread pudding: comes with white chocolate sauce. ($30)
egg nog bread pudding: infused with nutmeg and bourbon.  comes with bourbon vanilla sauce. ($32)

Other Desserts

(serves 10-16)

crème brûlée: the best you’ve ever had! ($20)
fruit cobbler:  choose blackberry, peach, or blueberry. ($30)
fruit crisp:  choose apple or apple cranberry. ($30)
trifle: seasonal fruit.  crème brûlée custard.  moist cake. ($36)

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