1214810crop2Ada Silva King

dessert chef

A dessert lover for nearly all of her 32 years, Ada is definitely in her element as a dessert chef.  However, she didn’t always know that she would be making a career out of creating desserts.  After attending Vanderbilt University and a “first career” in art education, she started in the food business under Kathy Cary in Louisville, Kentucky, eventually moving into a Pastry Chef position at Cary’s fine dining restaurant, Lily’s.

A Southern Indiana native, Ada created Ada of Course! in 2003, working out of the now defunct RockWall Bistro kitchen in Floyds Knobs.  She created desserts for the RockWall for six years-changing the menu seasonally and always making each element of the desserts from scratch, from the cakes and tarts, to the ice creams and sauces.  While at the RockWall, her desserts received consistent praise from the Louisville critics including “four star desserts” and “flat out amazing” (Courier Journal).

Ada now operates her dessert catering business, Ada of Course!, out of a commercial kitchen in Clarksville, Indiana.  Ada of Course! takes dessert orders for parties of all sizes from intimate gatherings to 400 person receptions.  Combining the best blends of the perfect ingredients, Ada strives to always uphold her business motto: “Creating perfect endings for occasions large and small.”

Ada lives in Lanesville, Indiana, with her husband and two children–whose favorite dessert is crème brûlée!  She continues to be awed by her 92 year old baking inspiration, Gramma Teddy Gesenhues, who bakes great meals for her whole family every week!

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